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Cajun Fried Chicken

Our savory Cajun fried chicken comes in either spicy or mild.  Made from the freshest  ingredients, blending traditional Louisiana spices makes Sweet Malik's chicken unlike any other joint.


4 for $4 Snack Box3  Jumbo Wings, 1 honey butter biscuit4.99
Chicken Wing Big Box5 Jumbo chicken wings, order of   cajun fries,  1 honey butter biscuit , 1  dipping sauce7.99
Chicken Strip Big Box5 Jumbo Chicken Strips, an order of cajun fries, 1 honey butter biscuit, and 1 dipping sauce9.99
12  Piece  Wing Combo12 Jumbo Wings,   Half of Pound  of  Cajun fries , 4 honey butter biscuits, & 4 dipping sauces19.99
12  Piece Chicken Strip Combo12 Jumbo chicken strips,  Half of Pound  of  Cajun Fries  & 4 honey butter biscuits, & 4 dipping sauces24.99
Family Wing Meal20 jumbo chicken wings, 1 lb of Cajun fries, 6 honey butter biscuits,  and 6 dipping sauces29.99
Family Strip Deal20 jumbo chicken strips,  1 LB of Cajun fries, 6 honey butter biscuits,  &6 dipping sauces34.99

Chicken Only

10 Pc Jumbo  Wings12.99
10 Pc Jumbo Strip19.99
20 Pc  Jumbo Wing22.99
20 Pc Jumbo  Strips29.99
50 pc  Jumbo Wing49.99
50 Pc Jumbo  Strips79.99
100 Pc Jumbo Wing89.99
100 Pc  Jumbo Strips119.99

All of our food is made fresh, by hand, every day—

Bayou Green gumbo

$2.50 / small, $4.99/ Large, $9.99/ colossal

Our bayou green gumbo is a spin on a traditional Louisiana classic.  This earthy, meaty bowl of savory goodness is unlike any gumbo you have ever tried.  All of our vegetables are grown locally and made fresh, everyday!


Cheesy Crawfish mac-n- cheese | $2.50 / small, $4.99/ Large, $9.99/ colossal

Our three cheese, crawfish, mac-n-cheese is a baked to perfection,  orgasmic, ooey gooey,  creamy batch of goodness.  Most joints use pre-packaged mac-n-cheese. At Sweet Malik's, we use real cheese to ensure our guest receive the best quality ingredients at every level.

Hand-cut cajun fries | 2.99 

Our hand cut fries are made from hand picked russet potatoes.  Unlike other places who buy frozen, pre-packaged fries from distributors, we hand-cut our own fries every day and blend them with our secret Cajun spice blend.
IMG_0308 (1)

Sweet Honey Butter Biscuits | 1.25

Our honey butter biscuits are made with real butter and by hands, from scratch.  We then top our biscuits with creamy buttery deliciousness, using our house made honey sauce.

Sweet Crumble Cobbler | Large 4.99 / Extra Large 8.99

Our mason jar desserts come in two choices, double chocolate brownie cobbler &  apple crumble cobbler.  Both selections are hand made every day and topped with our house made whipped cream cheese frosting,  graham cracker crumbs & pretzel crumbs, and your choice of  chocolate drizzle or caramel drizzle.

Authentic New Orleans Daquiri's

4.99 Small/ 7.99 Large / 14.99 Colossal / 24.99 Gallon

Our authentic New Orleans daiquiri's are made using fresh fruit, harvested locally to ensure you experience quality at every sip.  We know other shops make Daquiri's too, but no one does it quite like us