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Our Approach
Sweet Malik’s offers  authentic Cajun fare that fuses  savory Louisiana spices  with a sweet twist.  All of our menu items contain some form of sugar or honey,  which is then fused with our secret blend of fresh Louisiana spices. We are determined to make everything fresh & from scratch unlike other fast food places.
Our Story

Years ago, my father left the city of Dallas and found a home in a place below the sea, New Orleans.  And there, he had hopes of starting his own restaurant.  Midnight hours consisted of messy kitchen tables with spices from places I count not yet pronounce and pages of hand written notes, scribbled on anything he could find.  He would tell me stories of his manic search for the perfect recipe that would pull in huge crowds, unseen at any other place. And that recipe, would be the thing to do it and it would unlock the door to our family’s future.  I had hopes he would find it, create it. We all did.  But time passed and that place never opened. Though I know he still dreamed of it because he told all six of his children about it every day. You see, he came to age in the 50s where the names of our sons and daughters meant something and could very well light the pathway north. Names like Hasson, Shakur, Omar, and yes, Ahmed Malik (Meaning Highly Praised King). So, though he never did open that restaurant or find that elusive secret recipe which could be viewed in it's broader context of  a baby boomer's search for wealth; and this idea of the American dream, his ideals and dreams live through me. And those ideals will live through my son and years from now will live through my son’s, son.

Our Name

We founded Sweet Malik’s with the sole purpose of fusing high quality Cajun food with world class customer service, at an affordable price. The name Malik means king of kings or God. It’s the middle name I was given as a child by my father. The same name I gave to my own son (kid in the logo). So basically  we are saying that our chicken is the ISH.

Our Core Values
We seek to be more than just an average chicken joint.  Our mission is to provide our customers high quality Cajun food and world-class customer service, at an affordable price.  We are working constantly to become an institution within our community by operating by these three simple values:
  1. Family
  2. Community
  3. Service  
All three of those core values sum up the ideals of Sweet Malik's. It's our food.  It's in our service.  It's our soul.


Meet El Jeffe

" There's a huge human & service factor that is missing from so many businesses in our community. Honestly, I don't really want to sell you anything. I just want to give you the experience you deserve. "

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